Benz – The Smile

Today is another day where we bring you an overseas release we feel worthy of a review and like last time it’s another Swedish artist, this time Benz with ‘The Smile’.

Benz is the moniker of Ebba Salomonsson from Norrkoping but now based in Malmo. ‘The Smile’ is a beautiful song about loss and wanting something that is no longer available. The song grows in strength as it moves along and by the end actually starts to feel triumphant. Maybe a beginning of an acceptance that it’s time to move on? Indeed, of the song Benz says…

“The Smile is about letting go, at the same time as you want to keep your memories of someone.”

The video for ‘The Smile’ is directed by Ebba Gustafsson Agren and it’s just as charming as the song. Of shooting the video Ebba states…

“To me the song feels like when you finally let go of something you have kept inside you for a long time and I wanted the video to embody that feeling. I wanted to portray the unsureness and the tenseness of a friendship evolving into something more. For me this song was a love story, and I’m really glad that Benz allowed me to interpret it like one.”

You can enjoy both the song and video below.

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