The Creature Appeal – You Shouldn’t, But I Know You Probably Will

This is the first EP for West Midlands four piece The Creature Appeal and comes after their strong debut single ‘On my Mind’ from earlier in 2018 and sees them similarly grinding out their energetic, fun and catchy, radio friendly indie rock music on this new release titled ‘You Shouldn’t, But I Know You Probably Will’.

The excellent title of the record is complimented by the artwork for the cover which could well be a clue to the muse of the bands songwriter, as once you hear the record it somehow captures the essence and tone of the music very appropriately. There’s almost a tangible sense of high energy from every song on the record and I would be both surprised and genuinely gutted if this didn’t transfer itself superbly well to their live shows as it simply drips with youthful enthusiasm, energy and some bloody good guitar riffs to get you up and pogoing and swinging your bits around.

Opener ‘Nine’ is prickly and fast paced but also varies tempo really well to demonstrate just what great musicians and how tight the band already are despite being together for less than a year.

Second up, ‘Where Will I Find You Tonight’, sees the bands at its most aggressive and builds to a crescendo of stop-start fast paced dynamism, especially when those guitars kick in and it’s definitely feels like the song most likely to become an anthem. You can almost feel the sticky floor under your feet and smell the warmth of a sweaty, steaming crowd on your nostril hairs.

Penultimate track, ‘I Need To Know’ captures the essence of what it’s like to be young, unsure and self-aware, continually perturbed by the complexity within relationships in such a simple and warm manner; desperate and heart-warming all at once.

Closing track ‘Circular Sunglasses’ is different to anything else on the record and feels that it could have a life as a radio friendly single. It would easily be at home playing on 6 Music but it also demonstrates how versatile the band can be when they elect to go ‘softer’. It is not that dissimilar to Two Door Cinema Club or maybe even The Kooks vocally and demonstrates the different directions open to the band come time for their debut LP.

Play What When?

‘Nine’ – Play when you’re on your way to work in a rainy rush hour so you can reminisce about the weekend, how awful your job is and why you should have tried harder at school and where you went bloody wrong with your life…

‘Where Will I Find You Tonight?’ – Play on a Saturday night before you go out whilst dancing in the shower (dance like you never would in front of anyone without a wheelbarrow full of gin swishing about inside you). – if this song doesn’t get you in the mood for going out well, just bloody stop in and watch Strictly!

‘I Need To Know’ – Play it when you’re feeling like you need to feed your inner teenager and let that angst spew out like you’ve just fell out with your first girlfriend/boyfriend or your beloved first family pet just died…

‘Circular Sunglasses’ – Play when driving with the windows down and the music up on a sunny country lane, it’s the weekend and you’re off camping somewhere with your best pals in the world and you need a theme tune for stay.

John Frazer

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