Future Fires – Keep A Secret

Birmingham quarter Future Fires are back with new release ‘Keep A Secret’ which is available on all the normal digital stores, Spotify, Apple Music etc.

Of the three songs they have released to date this is probably the one where the crowd would get their cigarette lighters out, or put the lights on on their phones in these days of over the top health & safety! Whilst the song isn’t as slow as would normally be befitting the above treatment it does feel as though this could be the number in the set where they bring things down a little.

‘Keep A Secret’ has a beautifully sad sound that laments not being able to go back once you have failed to honour a promise not to share some private information. It has all the trademarks of a song released by an established alt-rock band who’ve been together for a number of years and are playing at big venues, not a band who have only been together since 2017. It’s my favourite of the three releases so far and shows a band continually improving and finding their sound.

Future Fires will be playing at The Flapper on November 16th. Be sure to go and check them out. Just don’t take a lighter – health & safety…

Gary Tibbs.

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