Single Review – Blood Moon – Blood Moon

As the year draws to an end it’s very easy to start looking towards 2019. The majority of releases for 2018 are out. You’ve already decided on your favourite album/song etc and then suddenly out of the blue you get the news that two artist’s you greatly admire have teamed up to form a new band and release a debut single. And that’s what Charlotte Carpenter and Alessi Laurent-Marke (AKA Alessi’s Ark) have done in forming Blood Moon and releasing a single by the same name. And it’s instantly one of the best records of 2018.

If you’ve had the pleasure of seeing Charlotte & Alessi appear on tour together, and indeed collaborate on stage for a song together, then you will know there is a very strong bond between both ladies and it absolutely makes sense that they would team up to do something like ‘Blood Moon’. And in the words of the Spice Girls (Never thought they would be mentioned on Indie Midlands…) this is “when two become one” as even though you can hear certain elements of both, the ‘cowboy’ Americana of Charlotte and the more dreamy sounds of Alessi’s Ark, they blend together to give a very fresh and different result that sounds more powerful than the fragility that being a solo artist can sometimes bring.

Of the collaboration Charlotte says…

“We met 5 years ago, I was putting on a monthly night at The Cookie in Leicester and Alessi was at the top of my lost to play with. I feel like some mysterious stars aligned the night we met.”

Alessi adds…

“Over the years we’ve watched each other grow, triumph, tire and soar and on this particular afternoon something just clicked. We wrote ‘Blood Moon’ and instantly felt this was different to our solo projects; this was something on it’s own.”

‘Blood Moon’ is released on Charlotte’s own label Babywoman Records.


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