The Desert Yetis – Evil Eyes

The Desert Yetis are a Coventry four piece who have just released their latest single ‘Evil Eyes’ and it has a definable feel of having the potential to be their breakthrough track.

It starts mildy enough with church organs camouflaging the swirling dark cacophony of noise to come. After which the breathless introduction steadies into a more controlled and energetic stomping yarn which you sense that, if heard live, would definitely have that gloriously thunderous, thudding baseline grinding and vibrating through your bones as the song slaloms through the lovingly crafted racket they create.

There is a real accessible rawness and darkness to both their lyrics and to the track as a whole with influences that were drawn from as diverse arena’s as Supertramp’s ‘Breakfast in America’ to the rock and roll swagger of White Denim; with maybe a pinch of the full on rock sound of Band of Skulls; to a smattering of perhaps say Arctic Monkeys when they themelves are at their most energetic. Surely if not already, this release has all the finely balanced ingredients to find itself onto 6 Music very soon.

Play it When? – Turned up and blasting out of your car with windows down full when you just feel like upsetting everyone who has the bloody sheer temerity to live along your route home.

John Frazer

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