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The four track ‘Crashing’ EP is the latest release by Shropshire duo PUKK who are vocalist and all round arranger Joe Chalmers and Mark Beamson on drums. The band have been exceptionally busy in 2018 as along with this new EP they’ve also managed to release their debut album ‘Feckless’ with both recordings being released on their own Tidy Karma Recordings Label.

Opener ‘Terms and Conditions’ starts with a dark sinister feel to it as it saunters to its indie rock core ascent. The vocals are reminiscent of legendary indie crooner’s Lloyd Cole or Richard Hawley and this track is certainly steered by Chalmers strong vocals. Musically as the song stretches and becomes more expansive there’s a feel of Echo and the Bunnymen when they are at their sparse and other worldly best.

Second track ‘OldBoy’ is certainly quicker and rips straight into a more traditionally epic rock and roll yarn which combines a wandering guitar rift and the tinkering of a keyboard throughout and which finds Chalmers summoning his inner rock axe man to offer the bands most rock and roll offering of the EP.

‘Off Air’ starts and ends with proper fireworks, in the literal sense, then sees the band at their most experimental. This track certainly has a feel of being influenced by some proper dreamy 90’s indie music as it is littered with slabs of throbbing guitar and has a Primal Scream or Spaceman 3 quality to it and really reminded me of the criminally underrated Wolverhampton band ‘The Sandkings’ from the early 90’s.

The final track ‘Thirteen (The Man in Black)’ is slightly unexpected as it sounds and feels different to the definitively 90’s indie feel before it. Chalmers voice is calmer and more controlled, the track influences are immediately recognisably Country and Blues and it’s obvious from the very first note that this recording differs from the ubiquitous sound of the rest of the EP and in fact feels as if it could have been recorded purposely for a TV or film score. Maybe it will find a good home on the next season of Peaky Blinders or even possibly for those gamers out there, on Red Dead Redemption 2?

Play What When?

‘Terms and Conditions’: Play when you need a proper fix of quality indie based rock whilst pulling your best ‘Ian Brown face’ whilst foot tapping and bobbing that head.

‘Oldboy’: Play when no one is watching (make sure you’ve checked properly) and you want to play air guitar with your younger sibling’s tennis racquet.

‘Off Air’: Play when you’re yearning to get gurning! Blast it and think back to those hedonistic 1990s (if your old enough) when we all went out and you could actually have a fag under a roof – which had actual brick walls!

‘Thirteen (The Man in Black)’: Play when you’re driving down the motorway in the dark, all by yourself and your feeling at your moody best – chew on a matchstick if one is available for effect.

John Frazer

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