Lions Of Dissent – Turn Up The Struggle

Wolverhampton based Lions of Dissent are not your average band. They describe themselves as an authentic radical music and art collective which through their music and the use of visuals on their artwork, symbolise and demonstrate just how much artistic control of their ideas they crave and demand.

Musically ‘Turn up the Struggle’ is their latest offering and it is surging and exceptionally catchy electronic indie pop at its foot tapping best. It starts with a slab of 80’s electronica and progresses into a potentially upbeat indie classic which has the driving, sonic overtures of Kasabian and former indie darlings, The Music.

The first half of the track is led by a monotonous, hypnotic keyboard then shifts to a more guitar based focus in the second half, which is knitted together with the tight vocals of Tim Baker and backed up with the contrasting female vocal which carries the track perfectly, ensuring it remains rounded and sonically melodic throughout. Despite hinting at the potential for complete out and out rawness, the track never quite loses its self-control, staunchly refusing to allow itself to wriggle free from its melodious center.

The band have already had air time of 6 Music and you can catch them live at what promises to be a raucous gig at their largest home town show and new Wolverhampton venue; The Hummingbird (former Little Civic for those of a certain vintage) on December 1st. Where I am certain the struggle will definitely be turned up to ten.

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John Frazer

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