Live Review – Sunflower Bean @ The Castle & Falcon

Sunflower Bean

Sunflower Bean

The Castle & Falcon

Review by Ross Carley

Rounding off their 12-date UK tour at Birmingham’s the Castle and Falcon the American trio, Sunflower Bean, packed the room with help from fellow-Americans Jesse Jo Stark and Miya Folick.

It may be a little cold outside but inside The Castle & Falcon Jesse Jo Stark warmed the room with her blues-tinged powerhouse vocals. The opening track ‘Wish I Was Dead’ blew out any remnant chill and rasied the temperature further with the cinematic sound of ‘Mystery’ and 60s-esque ‘Breakfast With Lou’. Jesse even managed to find the one person in the audience who wasn’t moving and got them involved – signs of a powerful front-woman.

Jesse Jo Stark

Following was the androgynous queen, Miya Folick with her band in matching orange attire. Boasting the most impressive and soaring vocals I’ve heard in a long time with ‘Thingamajig’ and incorporating the same operatic singing style with a fusion of rock and disco throughout with tracks such as ‘Stock Image’ and ‘Premonitions’. But the party rather ironically didn’t really start until ‘Leave the Party’, with bouncing bass lines and catchy sax hooks.

Miya Folick

Walking on stage to an uproar of cheer and applause were the effervescent headliners, Sunflower Bean featuring session musician, Dr Danny (Danny Ayala). The psychedelic group took Birmingham by storm opening with immediate energy pulsating throughout ‘Burn It’, slowing it down for ‘Twentytwo’ off their latest album and turning it straight back up again for ‘Tame Impala’. ‘Crisis Fest’ had the audience involved chanting “NO, NO, NO!” during the catchy chorus.

Also debuting was their latest release and EP-tease ‘Come For Me’ offering 80’s inspired disco vibes, front-woman Julia even joined the mosh pit to celebrate with her adoring fans. As amazed and captivated as I was for their set, it wasn’t until Danny took the keyboard off (see main image) and played the ‘I Was Home’ riff whilst holding the keyboard that I thought “wow, this is incredible”. The performance from each band member was unparalleled with anything I’ve seen this year from the first second to the end of the encore. Simply amazing.


1. Burn It
2. Twentytwo
3. Tame Impala
4. 2013
5. Easier Said
6. Crisis Fest
7. Human For
8. Come For Me
9. I Was a Fool
10. Only a Moment
11. I Was Home


12. Harvest Moon
13. Wall Watcher

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