The New Consistent – 3 Years

‘3 Years’ is the new single from The New Consistent which is Worcester based Ben Ramsey and produced by Swim Deep’s Ozzy. The track both begins and finishes with him telling his buddy to both start and stop the track which fits perfectly with the general vibe and the innocence and the honesty the song slowly crafts.

The music has a mellow, purring groove and oozes and snakes, slowly being absorbed into your bones whilst our hero opens his soul belying its secrets with his exceptionally personal lyrics about the stinging issues with his relationship. The continual hypnotic hook of the guitars form the basis of the track as Ben’s vocals allow us to piggy back onto a magic carpet ride through his journey with ‘she’- the lady who is his muse throughout the track.

The song will inevitably receive comparisons to ‘The Streets’ due to the nature of the slacker, spoken word, lo-fi indie in his accentuated Midlands accent yet, if given a chance, ‘3 Years’ impregnates itself into your very being. The more time spent with this track the more opportunity it slowly, sneaks up on you, content to never jump out and startle you but to suffocate you like a boa constrictor as it sticks to you like a limpet, refusing to be shaken off but done with the genuine warmth of a hug or a cuddle always refusing to grab, shake or go for the throat.

Play it When?

Play it as the soundtrack to a rainy Sunday morning having that lazy breakfast with the track playing languidly in the background, whilst recovering gently from whatever you’ve drunk or smoked the night before, whilst the rain teams down nosily on your window with whomever you’ve chosen to spend the most important morning of the week with…

John Frazer

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