Contributors Wanted

Enjoy covering music? Indie Midlands is always looking for like minded music lovers who would like to contribute to the site in some way. As Indie Midlands is a non-profit site there is no pay involved but if you are looking to get your work seen as a stepping stone to hopefully finding paid work in the future and are based in the Midlands then we’d love to have you on board!

What we’re looking for –

Live Gig Reviews – We frequently get offered guest list spots at gigs in return for live reviews. These can range from small venues that hold less than a hundred up to large arena’s.

Live Gig Photography – As above with the gig reviews, we also get offered guest list from time to time for live action shots of the bands/artists.

Single/EP/Album Reviews – We are always looking for people to review the latest releases from West Midlands based bands & artists. Sometimes this can mean getting access to albums before they are released.

Band/Artist Q&A’s – We also get offered many opportunities to do Q&A’s with bands/acts that are visiting the West Midlands to play a gig. This can range from email interviews and/or phone interviews to interviewing the bands/acts in person on the day of the gig.

If you are Midlands based, able to travel to gigs, aged 16+ and have any interest in the above then please contact us at

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